Not Ready to Commit to a Permanent Tattoo?

Try out the design you want with a temporary tattoo

Do You Regret Getting That Tattoo?

We offer tattoo cover-up services at our Middletown, NY tattoo shop

Level Up Your Look With a Custom Tattoo

Make us your go-to local tattoo shop in Middletown, NY

People get tattoos for all sorts of reasons, from commemorating loved ones to boosting self-confidence and showing off the things they love. If you've been dreaming of getting a tattoo for the first time or you want to get a tattoo cover-up for a past mistake, make Middletown Tattoo your first choice. Our local tattoo shop is dedicated to creating beautiful art on the skin of our clients in Middletown, NY.

Whether you want a tattoo cover-up, a greyscale tattoo or a full color tattoo, we've got it covered. We even offer painless tattoo options for those who are more sensitive to pain.

Why should you come to our tattoo shop?

You don't want to get a tattoo just anywhere. Make sure you go to a local tattoo shop where the artists are professional and the shop is clean. People come to us for their tattoos because:

  • We offer first-visit and loyalty discounts
  • We offer free touch-ups on military tattoos
  • Our artists work in private rooms with amenities provided
  • We accept a variety of payment types, including Venmo and Cash App
  • We offer free Wi-Fi and have parking available
  • Our shop is family-owned

You can sit back, relax and enjoy listening to music or watching TV while our artists complete your tattoo. To schedule a free consultation about the tattoo you have in mind, call us now at 845-801-0000.

Please be aware that we have a $100 minimum on tattoos.